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To Lover(ài-lîn)  送  愛  人  的

Eileen Song solo exhibition


Error22 3F, Tainan, Taiwan

Let’s talk about love, though it is hard. Every time when I want to talk about it I think of a song of Bjork, ”Hyper-ballad”. She sings as a girl talking to her lover. This couple live on the top of the mountain. Every morning, she would get up early and walk to the cliff, throw random things like bottles, car parts to the valley before her lover wakes up. This has become a habit, a way to start a day. Therefore, she can feel happier to be with her lover and live safely together. While watching things dropping off the mountain, somehow she starts to imagine what might happen if her body falls off. What does her body sound like when it slams on the rocks? Would her eyes be open or closed? She is so sure that this brings up the security of their relationship by having this personal ritual day by day. So when they meet up, when her lover wakes up, she would say to him “good morning” happily again.

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