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一段剪接過的錄影 27分17秒


First Person/Two Sights


Household supplies ,papers

books, a lamp

single chanel video 27'17 





他在下午三點56分第一次進入我家公寓,之後進進出出五六回,犯案時間約莫四十分鐘。下午四點四十分,他離開公寓一樓大門,此時滂沱大雨,他撐起一把顯然是從我家拿的傘,右肩背我的DV(深藍色方形包),左肩深藍墨綠的軟布包,往承德路方向離去,警察初步判定為職業小偷。我損失了一個門鎖、相機cannon G9、 Panasonic DV、外幣一小包,阮永翰則被偷了相機sony T1還有我們都特別在意的王媽媽鳳梨酥「綠茶口味」。






July 14 2014, it was late at night, I was sitting on a high stool in the police station, holding a pen and some papers in my hands. Yunghan Juan had been watching the security footage over and over again for an hour. “This guy in red pants is quite suspicious,” said the policeman, who was visibly younger than me. He was the third person to arrive at the crime scene. I got a little excited. More precisely, a mixture of anger and excitement rushed through my veins, warming up the whole body.


He broke into my apartment at 3:56 in the afternoon, and for the next 40 minutes, he went in and out 5 or 6 times. At 4:40, he left through the front door of the building. It was pouring rain outside, so he opened an umbrella which was clearly taken from my home. Then, with my DV (which was in a dark blue bag) hanging on his right shoulder and a fir green cloth bag on his left, he headed towards Chengde road. The police determined that he was a professional thief. In the end, I lost a door lock, a Canon G9 camera, a Panasonic DV and a small pack of foreign cash. Yunghan Juan lost a Sony T1 camera and a box of green tea flavor pineapple cakes from Wang Mama’s. We were especially sad for those stolen cakes.


The young cop said, according to the law, we couldn’t get a copy of the footage and we “better” not took any pictures.


The next day, after I posted this “robber wanted” announcement on Facebook, everyone kept saying that the thief bore a striking resemblance to our friend, Hong Anderson. I created a photo album for him on Facebook, and as of today, the album has been shared 23 times.





文字 楊庭鑒

演出 洪振峰

攝影 洪振峰




文字 阮永翰

演出 洪振峰 宋艾凌

攝影 洪振峰

Sight (1)

The thief of Hami st.



Ting-chien Yang


Hong Anderson


Hong Anderson


Sight (2)

Pigs of the village



YungHan Juan


Hong Anderson

Eileen Song


Hong Anderson

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