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Where is Willem?

collaboration with YungHan Juan

a notebook, the portrait pencils,

micro-stage, video, sound 30'28


One night, we found seven notebooks about art history on a street in Amsterdam. Facing the unrecognizable figures and letters, we try to imagine what stories and memories that these notes might have: it will be a story to be recorded, a story to be abandoned. In the process of searching the owner of these notes, we invited 6 people who can read Dutch to describe their imaginary owner of notebooks according to thier experiences of reading it. At the same time, we are about to stand on a stage with the owner, constructing a space of itself, and looking for an other possibility of narrative and expression.


The notes with the handwriting of a strong character in Dutch and sensitive drawings seem to hint that the owner is a researcher of art history, which made us produce a sort of projection from an artist encountering an art work to a historian encountering a relic. Meanwhile, this process forces us to rethink about what is our object during the artistic operations. 









The report on NDSM

Participants met Willem in the openning of the exhibition.



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